March 2, 2011

Haiga 525 Mark Brooks haiku 3

Haiku by Mark Brooks. Artwork by myself.

When I was a kid, I used to flip through books of Ukiyoe, admiring dynamic composition, beautiful scenery with wonderful gradations in the background, elegant flowing lines of of women in kimono, flat vivid decorative colors. Above all, I was simply amazed by the craftsmanship of woodblock prints. I received formanl art training in the US, but I think there is the under current of influences in me from the Ukiyoe.

In this haiga, I was repeating the word "ghost" in my head as I made it. There is a webpage about Yoshitoshi's Eager ( ), where I got this particular Ukiyoe image.
There is a link to the song lyric.


Alan Summers said...

Love the haiga and like this version of the haiku. ;-)


Mark Brooks said...

Absolutely fantastic, Kuni-san.

Once again your haiga and your commentary bring to life letters from a screen.

Thank you.

kuni_san said...

Alan san, your haiga coming soon, but first, Claire Everett of UK.

Mark san, we'll have fun again.