March 5, 2011

Haiga 529 Claire Everett haiku 3

Haiku by Claire Everett. Artwork by myself.

In the first reading of this haiku, I was not sure what it was about. Then I web-searched the word "lamplighter". There was an webpage about Victorian Lamplighter. Now I see, the mother is that old to still remember the lamplighter.
When working with haiku from different culture and country, the web-searching is indispensable. Working with such haiku is thus a good chance to widen my understanding of the world. Now that so many people of diverse backgrounds are writing haiku these days, such understanding becomes also indispensable.

In this haiku, there are two time zones; "autumn sunset" is present, and "lamplighter" is past. In the haiga, the present is the background with gradation, and the past is the drawing of lamplighter, enclosed with blueish blur, by which i tried to show something out of the memory. I used crayon to do the drawing.

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Alan Summers said...

Atmospheric haiga! ;-)

I'm pleased you clearly mentioned why it's so good to google regarding haiku, because it's not always a failure if a haiku from another country is not immediately understood.

all my best,

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