March 5, 2011

Haiga 530 Alan Summers haiku 3

Senryu by Alan Summers(UK). Artwork by myself.


Gabi Greve, Monkey Haiku said...

What a cute one !
Thanks for sharing, both of you.

Alan Summers said...

Thanks Gabi,

I don't know if you heard of Koko in Japan, but she was famous there in 2005:

Aichi, Japan – July 28, 2005. Koko, the world’s only talking gorilla, is using her established celebrity status to send a compelling message to Japan where a new generation of world leaders and politicians are being urged to help save her relatives from extinction.

Wildlife conservationist, Aleisha Caruso, will convey Koko’s message through an interactive multimedia workshop entitled “Meet Koko — Ambassador for Endangered Species” at the Children’s World Summit for the Environment in Aichi, Japan on July 28, 2005.

I met Koko via a live conference with her at the world's biggest place for Natural History TV documentary making, my home town of Bristol (U.K.) but was too shy and in awe to direct a question to her. ;-)

So this is a gentle senyru in honour of her.

Alan’s Area 17 blog

daphnepurpus said...

Just beautiful art and haiku (not to mention Koko herself now living in Maui)

kuni_san said...

Koko living in Maui...Hope she's enjoying Maui onion there, it's so sweet you can just pick it up from the ground and bite.

kuni_san said...

Alan san, I did not know about Koko and her unusual talent. Hope she like this portrait of her.

Devika said...

Interesting haiga...and comments, Kuni-san :)

i just went to read about koko...the first message is "koko wants us to be more "polite" with others" -- they seem better teachers for humanity "_

nice additions here as well,


Devika said...

i mean "she" seems a better teacher :)