March 6, 2011

Haiga 531 Alan Summers haiku 4

Haiku by Alan Summers. Artwork by myself.

I am rather surprised to find that my blog received over 150 page views yesterday. A part of the reason probably has something to do with the gorilla. The comment Alan san wrote for gorilla haiga is interesting. I did not know that, but the haiga turned out to be suitable for the haiku and Alan's information on Koko, the gorilla.

For this haiga today, I assembled parts (bird and flower) that I had done previously for other painting, and made change in size and colors. This is what I often do, and it is made possible by the software I am using, Adobe Illustrator. Whatever parts you make with the software remain as stock treasure. I have made more than 1000 haiga and many paintings so you can imagine the size of my stock


daphnepurpus said...

Incredibly beautiful! I have been following your blog on Google reader and I must say each and every day you enrich my life with your Haiga! Thank you so much!

Alan Summers said...

I second daphne's comments!

Thank you so much kuni_san for creating this beautiful haiga !;-)

Alan’s Area 17 blog

Anonymous said...

Wonderful reflection of the haiku in the colours of the image (especially in the individual petals) as well as your commentary. I love how one petal beside the hummingbird is just a little more open. A little detail that really caught my eye.

I admire your mastery of Illustrator—it's one Adobe program I've never been able to work with properly.

snowbird said...'s simply gorgeous. You do some amazing things!

kuni_san said...

Thank you all for the nice and encouraging comments. It's sunday here, and I feel so invigorating that I made three Mizuhara Shuoshi haiga, which I will post soon one by one.