March 3, 2011

Haiku 527 Claire Everett haiku 1

Haiku by Claire Everett. Artwork by myself.

Claire sent me a batch of haiku the other day for haiku+artwork collaboration.
Somehow all these years, I thought the blackbird as a kind of crow, but my web-search revealed otherwise. Different bird.
I got a photo of the bird, cut it out and made it transparent and add blue blur because the haiku is about its sound, not the bird itself, and I wanted to make the point visualized. The sound is represented in the reddish blur line above, which also imply twilight.

Today, March 3, is the Girls' Day. A young woman in my office showed up this morning, her hair's been dyed slightly toward "chapatsu", meaning light brownish color popular among the fashionable young.

Girls' Day,
a whole big strawberry
in her small mouth

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Alan Summers said...

I love the artwork for Claire's haiku. ;-)

I also like your strawberry haiku kuni_san! ;-)

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