April 19, 2011

Haiga 567 Florence Vilen haiku

Haiku by Florence Vilen of Sweden. Artwork by myself.

The Crocus brings the news of the arrival of spring in Japan. I am sure various vegetations, even unknown weeds, are diligently repeating their life cycle even in the disaster areas. And people are often encouraged by the liveliness of the small life in the time of difficulty. Flowers bloom, new leaves sprout, babies are born, and life goes on
I plan to attend the 6th WHA Japan Conference on April 29. It will be held in Tokyo. I am making printouts of some good haiga from the WHA monthly haiga contest, and will exhibit them at the conference. Just hoping that there will be no big aftershock then so the event will be held as scheduled.


Devika said...

Beautiful, Kuni-san :)


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your kindness,
we have to support TOHOKU all our strength.

terry ishida


kuni_san said...


Alan Summers said...

Weeds are beautiful and misunderstood. ;-)

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