April 21, 2011

Haiga 569 Carol Purington haiku

Haiku by Carol Purington. Photo and digital manipulation by myself.
Sakura flower has shed its petals already, spring seems to move quickly this year, perhaps my mind has been focused on the situation in the northern parts of my land.
Now, the new leaves are taking place of the flowers. New lives are beginning to be born.

This morning, I received an email from Carol Purington, saying a book she co-edited has been published. The book is called "Morning Song", an anthology of poetry on giving birth, nurturing and such. Carol and I are the same age, only she is being bedridden over 50 years. Really encouraging and inspiring to me to see a person like her accomplishes something like this.


Devika said...

Nice haiga , it speaks of her enthusiasm...like how she sees the outside world within her room,

all my best wishes for Carol and Kuni-san, you too....it's surely great inspiration for each of us,


Alan Summers said...

Sounds like a great book too!