April 27, 2011

Haiga 574 Edin Saracevic haiku - Melting candy

Haiku by Edin Saracevic of Slovenia. Artwork by myself.

The word "melt" has taken on a new level of magnitude after the nuke problem broke out. From the very beginning, scientists speculated the melt down of the nuke bars, and indeed they melted down and being deposited at the bottom of the container.

I am not knowledgeable about the "melt down", I imagine it something like in this haiga. The candy, having disolved into the water, looses itself and dispersed in the water as if it did not exist. No so with the nuke. Though its shape changes, it continues to emit radiation for long long time. Chernobyl nuke, even after 25 years, is still in untouchable state. I just hope that someone come up with a technology to disable the radiation.


Devika said...

environmental problems that these chemicals generate can be potentially hazardous for generations, though the haiga simplifies it....nice work, Kuni-san,

As we can see, nuclear disaster management is not well developed...it is like more of theory and little practice...but with Japan disaster, as you say, hope someone works on it for some effective solutions,



Gillena Cox said...

ading a haibun text does a whole lot for this presentation, since the haiga so beautifuly done lends itself so simply, to such a profundly important issue

Easter Blessings dear friend

kuni_san said...

Thanks for the comments.
Alexis Rotella tells me that there is certain type of bacteria that neutralize the radiation. I wonder if anybody is into employing it for practical use.

MoP said...

Texte, dessin et haïku très intéressants.