May 15, 2011

Haiga 585 Natsuishi Ban'ya haiku -Hiroshima

Haiku by Natsuishi Ban'ya. Artwork by myself.

So much is new to us, from people on the street to officials of power plants and government.
When something goes wrong with the nuke, we really do not know how to confront it. Many seem to underestimate the situation. Many try to hide numbers, which they say for avoiding panic, but many became panic anyway. Many try to save faces. Many have become very nervous. Many simply try to carry on, being conscious of uncertainty this nuke problem entails, and I am one of this last group.

Ban'ya san is one of those nervous ones. Soon after 3/11, he purchased a radiation measuring device, and have it around all the time, checking the measurement everywhere he goes. I cannot really make fun of him for being such paranoia because I am not sure myself how far this uncertainty extends.

Today is another beautiful day of May, sunny, soothing breeze, full of young green leaves. Invisible, intangible, no smelling nuke may or may not be a part of this beautiful scene.


Gwilym Williams said...

Ban'ya san will keep out of the rain. That's the most dangerous time...when the rains come through the unseen clouds.

Alan Summers said...

Love the artwork.

Can you correct the spelling so it reads "butterfly" not buterfly?

The artwork reminds me a little of modernist art and poetry. ;-)


kuni_san said...

Ossps, typo again. Thanks Alan.

Gwilym Williams said...

I saw that they have now found some radioactive tea as well as seaweed - it's not going to go away. Obviously children are at greatest risk.