May 16, 2011

Haiga 586 Kaneko Tohta haiku - pencil

Haiku by Kanako, Tohta. Artwork by myself.

I was born 4 years after WW2, so I do not have experience being in a war situation, let alone the air raid. Yet, Kaneko's sharpened pencil conveys the tense moments, which I can imagine, and from the imagination I made this haiga.

I do, however, have experience being affected by a big earthquake, the one occured 16 years ago in Kansai area of Japan. I saw a big city crumbled into pieces, felt tremendous shock. I imagined that being bombed meant probably the same.

Natural disaster is unavoidable, but destructions by human hands could be avoided, be they war, environment, human rights. I am hoping Dimitar Anakiev's anthology will result in a dent, however small, in the world.


Gabi Greve said...

quite amazing!
Thanks for sharing.

Devika said...

this works so well...very striking imagination -- both the haiku and art, Kuni-san :)

and the previous too,


Alan Summers said...

Incredibly powerful artwork to accompany Kaneko Tohta's haiku. I included this in a documentary made by NHK TV of Japan.

Europe meets Japan - Alan’s haiku journey
including Tohta Kaneko’s sharpened pencil haiku:
Europe meets Japan - Alan’s haiku journey

warm regards,