May 17, 2011

Haiga 587 Dimitar Anakiev haiku - Rustic

Haiku by Dimitar Anakiev of Slovenia. Artowrk by myself.

Another haiga I made for Dimitar's anthology. He likes it much, and I am glad. In making a series of haiga for the anthology, I noticed that art of caricature could be a style of haiga. In haiga, what haiku says is reflected on the artwork that is not illustrative, but suggestive of the haiku. I think this haiga way seems to correspond with that of caricature. I used black crayon for this haiga.


Yesterday, May 16, I attended a small gathering in Osaka. We are all interested in Matsuo Basho's "Narrow Road to the Deep North", and we talked about the topic for hours over dinner. This gathering was originally scheduled on May 12, but because something came up, it was postponed to 16th. One of the participants said at one time that this very day, May 16th, is when Basho set out on to the trip, leaving Senjyu, Tokyo by boat. We all felt that Basho san was with us, backing up our project, of which we are going into more concrete steps. Good sign, indeed.

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