May 1, 2011

Haiga 576 Masanori Matsuda haiku - Waiting

Haiku by Masanori Matsuda. Artwork & Eng. translation by myself.

I met Matsuda san at WHA Japan conference on 29th. He came from the north, a city called Kitakami in Iwate Prefecture. Though the area fortunately escaped the disaster, he, as an employee at the city hall, has been very busy frequenting the disaster areas to help the restoration works.

In haiku reading session at the conference, he shared with us some haiku he had written while engaging in the restoration works. He wrote his haiku on paper flip boards, and showed them one by one as he read his haiku. That was a good way of presentation because voicing sometimes gets unclear.

He was dressed in dark suit but had on a necktie that looked to be made from Aloha shirts, very colorful and vivid. I liked it much and we hit it off right away. And I promised him to make haiga for his haiku, one of which is what you see here today.


haiku-art said...

... it's marvellous and inspires a sense of melancholy.


laughing granny said...

You have both moved me to tears, Kunisan.
The feel of ultimate loneliness came over me. Since that was the undoubtedly the message, you were perfect in expressing it.
Best wishes to both,

kuni_san said...

Thank you for your commets. I think there will be more good haiku to be born from the people in the disaster areas.