May 2, 2011

Haiga 577 Masanori Matsuda haiku-2

Again, haiku by Masanori Matsuda. Photo is by Dave Anderson. I did English translation and digital manipulation of the photo.

David took this photograph after the New Orleans flood caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Though the magnitude differs, what New Orleans experienced resembles the devastation in North East Japan.

After 50 days, there are still more than 130,000 evacuees staying at numerous shelters scattering in the broad areas. Their homes and daily lives had turned from physical to just reflection image on the water surface.
I enhanced the color of the water puddle to make the photo fitting to this haiku.


Devika said...

this and the previous conveys well the isolation, displacement and loneliness -- the way life is affected after such disasters...making us wish the best for the victims,

Good art, and good haiga, Kuni-san,


Alan Summers said...

Incredible artwork, this is really stunning and shows the power of haiga when the haiku is strong but needs something as strong to bring that fact across even better.

I wish the people of Japan to recover as quickly as they can, and have no worries about shelter again.

Cities of Green Leaves

kuni_san said...

Thanks for the comments.

Alan san, thank you for mentioning about this haiga on FB.

Show-chan said...
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Show-chan said...

Picture,comments and translation, thank you.
On May 3 on May 4 on May 5,
I went for the cleaning volunteer of the stricken area (get and back in a day)
I am planning the service of the volunteer bus now.
by masanori