May 4, 2011

Haiga 578 Pamela M. Ness haiku - Manhattan

Haiku by Pamela M. Ness (USA). Artwork by myself.

Pamela's haiku here reminds me of the WTC Twin towers. The haiku was written after 9.11, so I assume it is a homage to the towers and what they symbolized, and to the people who were affected by the tragic event. I visited the site a year after, and wrote a long haibun "Egg-shaped Stones".

The guy, who caused the tragedy, has been taken down. Yet, his influence is said to remain. I just hope that there will be no more vicious cycle.The world is getting smaller, becoming more like a village where any antagonism only leads to the destruction of the whole community. We now need a Great Thought, by which we contemplate the question as to why we are living in this world.


Alan Summers said...

Wonderful haiga, and thoughts.

We do need great people too. Not statesmen, please no more politicians, just useful visionarie and useful people who can build, not destroy, and not be influenced by greed.

Cities of Green Leaves

kuni_san said...

I completely agree, Alan san.