May 21, 2011

Haiga 591 Shinohara Hohsaku haiku - lung

Haiku by Shinohara, Hohsaku (1906-1936 Japan). Artowrk by myself.

Shinohara is noted for his non-season word haiku. He wrote this haiku when he was on a ship, and it was probably not in summer time. The reason I posted this haiga today, in the middle of May, is that it reminds me of a week-long sea trip which took me to Hawaii from Yokohama. I was 15 then, and the expanse of deep marine blue sea of the Pacific Ocean was so overwhelming that I was almost scared, a completely new experience .

I am in a mood to think about Hawaii. I lately read a book called "Lester Higata's 20th Century" by Barbara Hamby. The story takes place in Hawaii and conveys the kind of mood of the locality I remember. It was so good to me that I am reading it for the second time now. I even wrote a thank-you letter to the author, who is also an established poet and teaches at Florida State University. Her story fills my lung with all the memories of my bygone days in Hawaii.

I added "Haiga essay on Hiro Yamagata painting" in the Kuni's link on the right side of this blog. It is in pdf format, and will download when you click the link.

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