May 22, 2011

Haiku book cover design

This is the image of the cover, spine, back cover of Sayumi Kamakura's haiku book. I made revisions six times and this is more like the end product.

Sayumi's request is to make the design look Matisse like. The publisher allows me to use only two colors for economic reason. With these conditions I began. As for Matisse like thing, I decided to use his paper cut out technique with simple organic shapes and flat colors. I decided to use two colors, black and pink, in various shades to give colorful impression.
The book will be published some time this summer. The publisher is Chuseki-sha of Tokyo.

I made two book covers this month. I love working on the cover designs.

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Devika said...

Nice Kuni-san....i sometimes pick up poetry books just for the cover design :)