May 19, 2011

Haiku 589 Joann Klontz haiku - crutches

Haiku by Joann Klonz of USA. Artwork by myself.

Another green leaves haiga. Joann's haiku does not have the season word, but I picked this season of green leaves for the haiga. It is the season even a person with leg ailment want to play and roll on fresh green grass, freeing from the binding of the crutches.

I have been checking out a blog run by a person who lives in Ishinomaki city(石巻), one of the severely hit cities by the 3/11 disaster. This blog link shows recent photographs of the city. Though the photos are taken under sunny spring sun light, there is tone of melancholy in all. In a way, they possess a similar feel as this haiga today.


Alan Summers said...

Good choice Kuniharu, as I do feel it's a summer haiku.

Good haiku backed by a fine haiga! ;-)

Cities in Green Leaves Ginko-no-Kukai and competition: Area 17 blog

Russell Helms said...

Beautiful juxtaposition of crutches with the injured but steady gait of recovery. Fantastic haiku/haiga and photos.