June 2, 2011

The 2nd. Tokyo Poetry Festival - cover spread

Tokyo Poetry Festival will be held for the second time this September, from 9th through 11th. World Haiku Association envolved heavily in this festival from the beginning, this time again the same. Being a WHA member, I did various design works for its first festival and being asked to play the similar role this second time, too.

Among other design works, I made this cover spread of the commemorative anthology for the festival. I designed the logo mark, too, which takes a shape of kanji for "To (meaning east, 東, Kyo means capital city. To-kyo means east capital.)". Also, it kind of looks like a fertility figure of the primitive era.
I am also running a website for the festival, TPF.

The 6th WHA Conference will be held along with TPF.


Alexis Rotella said...

How many clones do you have?

kuni_san said...

Oh, just a few, all related to art/design, except the priesthood, or it may be related somehow.
Like you photo, Alexis san.