June 3, 2011

Haiga 595 Christopher Herold haiku - river

Haiku by Christopher Herold. Artwork by myself.

When I started writing haiku, I regularly submitted them to Heron's Nest, where Christopher was my judge. I received several awards during the time. I also collaborated with quite a few haijin whoese haiku appeared on the website. I was then visiting many haiku websites to find haiku that I could work and produce haiga. Heron's Next was one of my favorite website.

Japan has moved into the rainy months of June and a part of July. It rained a lot in my area for the past few days, and a river that runs though my town threatened to overflow. In the end, it was oK, though, but it reminded me of this haiga. It also reminded me of the Natori River that runs through Sendai Plain, which had went down by 70cm by the March earthquake and flooded by sea water from the subsequent tsunami. I saw the photo of the flood and there was no river to be seen.


Devika said...

that i'm familiar with the image/imagery makes it very interesting, Kuni-san...and
Heron's Nest - been to the site before and enjoyed reading, but then i missed for a long time...thank you for the reference, Kuni-san :)


taio said...

excelente post