June 4, 2011

Haiga 596 Christopher Herold haiku - shadow

Haiku by Christopher Herold. Artwork by myself.

This haiga has gone through several changes; in initial stages it showed a bird shadow, and in final, I omitted the bird shadow all together. My intention is to let the viewers decide where the bird shadow is, I leave it to your imagination.

Shadows are interesting. They appear only when there is a light, they only exist when there are actual things. They are not substantial, almost like dreams. In this haiga, I emhasized its unsubstantial aspect by placing a broken piece of a fence post, a substantial thing, a bit of reality.

Christopher is a lay Zen monk. His haiku often contains Zen-like awareness.
Here is my haiku in similar theme:

Leaping from my shadow
only to meet it again


Alan Summers said...

A good example of repetition in haiku being used effectively.

As always, superb artwork.


Haiku Jam: weblink

Haiku Jam is a multi-event to raise money for the Japan disasters with haiku by Alan Summers, translations by Hidenori Hiruta, and artwork by Paul Conneally.


Devika said...

yes, very interesting note and haiga...shadows are fascinating, especially from an artistic perpective...the Zen-like awareness -- always fascinated by that too :)


Devika said...

And to Alan -- seen those ads; intersting to see haiku printed on jam bottles...and well wishes remain for the event :)