June 30, 2011

For the relief of the disaster areas

Since March 11, when the enoumous catastrophe pragued the northeastern Japan, much help has been extended to the disaster areas. Among the help, Tenrikyo Church Disaster Relief Corp and other groups of the church members are constantly at the sites, engaging in relief activities.

Tomorrow, my son joins the Tenrikyo Church Disaster Relief Corp, will spend a week in Soma city (indicated red in the map), which is not so distant from the Fukushima Nuke Power Plants, but not within the evacuation area.

His blue T-shirt -
the color of
calm sea and mountains


Gabi Greve, Okayama said...

All the best for your son.

I want to feature your haiku in my diary today. I hope all will be all right.




kuni_san said...

Thank you Gabi san. I saw you website. He's left with high spirit this morning.