June 30, 2011

Haiga 604 Martin Cohen haiku -Pepsi

Haiku by Martin G. Cohen. Artwork by myself.

This is one of my early haiga.
Martin came up with this haiku while on board a ship.
I am residing in a basin, surrounded by mountains, beautiful mountains but mountains nonetheless. What I miss is "taste of salt". And wind with a scent of sea.

I regularly go to the fitness club to swim. It is an indoor swimming pool, located at rooftop of a building, covered with glass roof. Yesterday, the water was uncomfortably warm because of something like the greenhouse effect. Plus that, chlorine (and not a taske of salt) in the water was a bit too much. Real sea experience is hard to get around here.

Mountain haijin,
his fingers fondle the sea
on a postcard

1 comment:

Devika Jyothi said...

Nice set, Kunisan...loved that Mountain haigin haiku :)

Sea is a nostalgia...and talk of water in the cities...our drinking water is chlorinated to so high levels...Pepsi with salt is better :)