June 24, 2011

Haiga 601 Linda Robeck haiku - breath

Haiku by Linda Robeck. Artwork by myself.

Linda san is a rocket scientist at NASA. For a web haiku project "haijinx", she worked with the rest of us. This was many years ago, and I wonder how she is doing now. I hope she is still writing haiku.

When I was making this haiga, a seascape in Palau islands was in my mind. Some part of the island looked like Matsushima, calm water like a pane of glass, small round islands floating on it. The sea water so clear that once you are in it, you feel as if you were floaiting in the air. At one place, you get to see a clear view of a Japanese war plane "Zero" deep down at the bottom, almost intact after so many years.

I was there in Palau with my father to check on a stone monument built before WW2. The monument, which now stands next to small city hall building, is to commemorate the achievement of a missionary, and it was in very bad state then. About a year later, I returned to the island with a group of mason to repair the monument.

And many years later, we went to check on the monument again. This time my father was weak so my mother (died last year) and I accompanied him.

My father was forgetful then. He had requested this trip, but he did not know why we were there. I had to take him to the monument again and again during the day, and in the evening he finally became aware that he was indeed back to Palau and facing the monument.

Tropical shower -
dry moss on the rock
comes alive again

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