June 25, 2011

Haiga exhibition -planning

I joined my friends at the coming exhbition site. The site, as you can see, is sided by two tall grey concrete walls. On one side, where the direct sun light does not hit, we will exhibit a long scroll. We decided to add some vivid color there. The green cloth covered table will be extended to as long as the width of the wall, and the scroll will be exhibited on it. The red cloth is for the exhibition of traditional musical instruments used for reading of Basho's story.

On the other side, we will exhibit a half of "Narrow Road to the Deep North" haiga (the exhibition period is almost a month and a half long. We had decided to divide 52 haiga into two groups).

We also tested the BGM system. The whole story was read by one of the friends (the guy holding the red cloth), and was recorded. We ran the recording and it sounded good.

We will come back on 14th of the next month to set up the exhibition.

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Devika Jyothi said...

Great reading this and all the previous posts, Kuni-san :)