August 1, 2011

Haiga 620 Dorothy Howard senryu - shadow

Senryu by Dorothy Howard, Canada. Artwork by myself.
Here is something suitable for the season now.
Many years ago, when I started writing haiku, I used to send submittion to a haiku magazine Dorothy edited. I forgot the name of the magazine, but I remember it had rather wild content, had certain energy of creation in it.

I like taking photograph, but do not have the kind of guts this photographer has. Still, getting a step closer the the subject is a valuable tip if you want a good photograph.


Pearl said...

Raw Nervz?

kuni_san said...

Yeah, right, that's the one. a powerful magazine.

kuni_san said...

I checked out your photos on Flickers, Pearl san. Good works. Some can make photo-haiga if added haiku.