August 18, 2011

Haiga 632 Vladimir Devide haiku

Haiku by Vladimir Devide (Croatia). Artwork by myself.

Devide san passed away recently. We lost a great poet, well known in Balkan countries as well as in the world. He was a key figure who made haiku popular among the Balkan countries, where there are a large population of haiku poets, next to probably Japan.

Your shadow is connected to you, but it also casts on to the others. When you have a fear, the other would get influenced by it. On the other hand, if your mind is peaceful, it would affect on the other, too. What with all that happened in Japan this year, the state of the mind counts great deal. In order to climb out of the hole of uncertainty, the state of the mind of us Japanese becomes crucial.

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Alan Summers said...

Wonderfully clean haiga, and a gentle haiku by a great man, and a fine haiku writer.

An interesting website to visit:

all my best,

Alan, With Words