August 19, 2011

Haiga 633 George Swede haiku -unseen

Haiku by George Swede (Canada). Artwork by myself.
Like last year, this summer has been especially hot, and humid. Night time is even termed "tropical night". I have to sleep almost nothing on. I run the air conditioning but they say that leaving it on while asleep is not good for health so I switch it off just before fall into sleep. It nothing as sensual as this haiku.

This morning, coolness has returned, and going to be like that for a while. What a relief.

When I made this haiga and several others for George san, he generously sent me his haiku book entitled "Almost Unseen", a very handsom looking book. From the book, I made some more haiga for him.

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Haiku Crossroads said...

Greetings from England, kuni_san. George's ku reminds me of the movie poster for Frome Here To Eternity, the movie, the one where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr tangle in the surf. Your image is delightful.