August 20, 2011

Haiga 634 Jane Reichhold haiku - whales

Haiku by Jane Reichhold (USA). Artwork by myself.
This is one of my early haiga. I made, then, some haiga for Jane. In return, she sent me a homemade thank-you card, which was more 3D than 2D; attached to the card were colorful strings, pieces of paper box and paper of various texture and what not.

When I was small, I ate whale meat a lot. It was much cheaper than pork and beef. It has distinct smell so needed to be cooked with care. Still, when whale was served on dinner table, it was a treat for us kids.

There are controvercy on whale catching in the world. Japanese people have been eating whale from long ago and every part of the whale is not wasted, from meat to bones to even beards. Whale has provided precious resources for Japan many years.

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Gwilym Williams said...

Early on in the unfolding Fukushima saga there was a confirmed report of 3 whales in Japanese waters being tested and found to be radioactive - presumably they had been swallowing highly radioactive seawater containing plutonium and its by-products - the so-called hot particles - or maybe worse - eating radioactive plankton.

Whales are not fish.

They are intelligent mammals who can navigate the world's oceans without needing a gps satellite.