August 21, 2011

Haiga 635 John Bird haiku - dolphin

Haiku by John Bird (Australia). Artwork by myself.
Winter haiku? Why not? Some parts of the world are in winter season now. While us guys in the Northern Hemisphere are sweating all over and writing about scorching sun, those in the southern hemisphere are writing about chilly wind blowing through bare tree branches.

Yesterday, I attended a mini concert at my haiga exhibition site. Wakei san, my team mate of Basho project, did a very entertaining performance. This was my first experience with live Kouta, a type of traditional Japanese singing genre.


Rudolph Aspirant said...

Great ! I learned about a new music genre (I am completely tone-deaf, so I know very little about music in general and cannot even appreciate it very much, other than I know that playing it on instruments requires much dexterity !). I even found a nice YouTube videoclip with an example of Kouta music, which I chose because, although it sounded a bit whiny and sad, it nevertheless had the title, "Can't complain", so I thought it was an encoragement towards seeing the beauty and the good parts in our lives instead of the worries or the less pleasant things all the time:

Alan Summers said...

Love the post, but need to say it's John Bird not Jone Bird. ;-)

Thanks for posting about that music, new to me as well.


kuni_san said...

Thanks for pointing out the typo, Alan san.