September 27, 2011

Haibun + artwork: Kuniharu Shimizu

Haibun and artwork by myself.

Though I live a short distance from the city of kyoto, it is not often that I visit it. Almost every month, I transfer at the Kyoto train station on my way to Tokyo. Visiting Kyoto occurs once in a few years, and it usually the same place. The same quite place along the eastern side of the city, where some of the things I mention in this haibun can be experienced. I go mostly for a quite walk. I walk and walk, and have a bowl of noodle and come home. A simple visitation.
Last night, my old friends got together for a BBQ party. September night is just perfect for such an occasion, cool but warm enough to go with light clothes. I brought my whole family, including grand kids. Some others did the same so the party was lively. A lot of laughters and chats. My son got to hear from my friends some of the bad things and a bit of good things I did when I was young.

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