September 28, 2011

Haiga 662 Alenka Zorman haiku -Greece

Haiku by Alenka Zorman (Slovenia). Artwork by myself.
Lately, we hear so much about Greece, not about its ancient glory but about possible bankruptcy. A nation, be it big or small, going bankrupt means all the government workers, including police, will be without pay. Also it will seriously harm economy of other countries. A chaotic situation.

The cause of bankrupt is simple. The country is simply not producing anything substantial that can sell, that can bring in income. It is like a family of, say, five. Four members of the family are engaged in domestic works, like cooking, cleaning, repairing. One or two may not even participate in such works. And only one of five goes out to sea and catches fishes to sell, the only income source. How a family like this is to survice economically?

Greek gods and goddess are contributing to the tourism, and they know that is hardly enough to bring back healthy economy. They are getting angry at the slow-to-change situation.

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