September 30, 2011

Haibun + artwork: Kuniharu Shimizu

Haibun and artwork by myself.
Things changed since I made this haibun + artowrk.
My father is still alive, 93, but the switches in his brain go on and of. At times he does not recognize me so we do not "talk" over sake anymore. He only drinks milk now anyway.

Ever since I began to write haibun time to time, I became interested in writing itself. I am writing short stories, and longer ones, . One of such work is been translated into English and is available in PDF (check the "Kuni's links" on this blog). I think I am spending more time on writing than on haiga making.

Haiga PDF book, "Narrow Road to the Deep North"

Send me $10 Amazon Kindle Gift Card. I will in return send you the complete PDF file with 53 haiga artoworks.

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