September 3, 2011

Haiga 646 John J. Polozzolo haiku

Haiku by John J. Polozzolo (USA). Artwork by myself.

John Polozzolo, a.k.a. Zoro. He and I used to communicate often, for he himself is a haiga artist before I became one, and we together judged WHA monthly haiga contest for a while.

There is a tragic day for almost everyone, I think. Some incident remains in the mind of so many, and some does in a few. In this haiku, I assume that 9.11 was on Zolo san' mind. So in haiga, I depicted two poles, symbolizing the twin towers of WTC.

As for us Japanese and many others, 3.11 will be the tragic day forever. New Prime Minister has been elected and a new cabinet formed. Human efforts in reconstruction continues, but the process is not quite on schedule. The seasons, however, keep up with the regular pace, seasonal flowers bloom and little insects chirp under moonlit sky.

1 comment:

Gillena Cox said...

such a simple elegant drawing; such profund remembrances; well done Kuni san

much love...