September 4, 2011

Haiga 647 Kuniharu Shimizu haiku - hibiscus

Haiku and artwork by myself.
This haiga is based on an unforgettable memory of mine. A memory I still need more time to share with others. The season changes effortlessly, but certain things do not.

Today is the last day of my Basho haiga exhibition, a month and a half long event. Typhoon slowly moved near my place for the last couple days, and today, it has finally gone, only leaving rain clouds, but no wind. I will this afternoon drive to the site and pack up haiga as soon as the ending time comes. I will leave for Tokyo early tomorrow morning so I want to finish the packing early.

Since I am going away for a few days, I am posting one more haiga here. A haiga with a similar theme.

And yet one more haiga for the morrow.


Kat Creighton said...

kuni_san, your 9-11 haiga are lovely, a touching tribute at such an emotional time.

kuni_san said...

I heard on the news that a 13-year old Japanese boy spoke at the ceremony in NYC. His father's office was in the building....