September 9, 2011

TPF2 and WHAC6 start today

The joint event of the 2nd Tokyo Poetry Festival and the 6th World Haiku Association begins from a welcome party tonight. The event continues through Sept. 11. This time, the event is able to get supports from big ones like, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Shiseido, the largest cosmetic company in Japan.

Haiku events are usually organized among haijins (haiku poets) alone. For haiku to be a part of the mainstream poetry and literature, the joint event like this is very meaningful.

I am in charge of all the graphic works and website management of this event, and all being done well. I returned from Tokyo yesterday, for I have other things to attend to. Though I cannot participate in this event, I am happy that I have done everything I was expected to do. Just hoping the event will be successful.

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