October 19, 2011

Fukushima now

The prefecture of Fukushima is where the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant situate. At the present, not many photos of the damaged plants are in public view. but there are some from the vicinities of the plants. Cities and towns near the plants are under compulsory evacuation measure. The photo here shows one of the cities. It has become a town with no inhabitant except dogs, cats, cows and the like. Everything about the city looks normal except the radiation, which is intangible, no smell, just quietly mingled in the air.

I added an astronaut to the photo to show this normal town is now like the moon. The air is there but human cannot breath it. Sunshine, water, breeze, all these things that provide comfortable environment to us are there, but we cannot appreciate them because of the radiation alone. That is just so nonsense.

Energy is a must for our modern life, and nuke provides it, but once the nuke gets out of hand, the result is wider areas like moon on this life-friendly earth. Thorough safety measures for the existing nuke plants all over the world is essential to out future.


Gwil W said...

There are clean green renewable and safe alternatives. We must all cut our coats according to our cloth. A large percentage of the world's nuclear energy is for military use. Many of the reactors designed and built 40 years ago are patently unsafe. They were designed to power nuclear submarines and warships. Valves, which do not work in practice, were added later. http://enews.com/ is a valued source of much hidden information

Gabi Greve said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Kuni san!