October 20, 2011

Haiga 676 Yamaguchi, Seishi haiku

Haiku by Yamaguchi, Seishi (Japan). Artwork by myself.
The season has changed. It is now in the middle of autumn. Portable electric fans around the house have been cleaned and are ready to be taken into the attic.

This year, because of energy shortage, I think many households restrained from using air conditioning and instead, brought out old electric fans during the summer. In my house, too, we used six fans. As the cold season approaches, we need to come up with something to compensate the air conditioning. Thus, the effect of 3.11 disaster lingers.

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Gwil W said...

having lived for 5 years in the sub-tropics without any air conditioning - I simply changed my shirts 3 times a day - I can't help wondering why everybody feels they must have it - now they even have it in cars - my goodness people once travelled all over the place with a horse and carriage

I think the human species has gone soft (and not only in the head)