November 1, 2011

Haiga 684 Ban'ya Natsuishi haiku

Haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi (Japan). Artwork by myself.
Ban'ya san wrote this haiku when he visited Wellington, New Zealand. A city noted for contant wind. Unlike Tokyo, where he lives, the windy city must have offered a crisp clear night sky.

I like to play with sumi brush. It gives me freedom in drawing. I do not need to follow the traditional use of brush (because I am not writing calligraphy). I do not need to get too much into the details (details are produced automatically as you move the brush).
Though I like the medium, I just have a few brushes (good ones get pretty expensive).

My father, though not much of a calligrapher, owns a good collection of brushes, from really big ones to skinny ones. He has a special hanger stand for them in his room. I am looking forward to hear him say, "They are all yours, go ahead and take them"

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Gwil W said...

lovely artwork , so unrestrained like the wind itself