November 2, 2011

Haiga 685 Ban'ya Natsuishi haiku 3

Haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi. Artwork by myself.
Again, Ban'ya's haiku from Wellington, New Zealand.
Usually, I use sumi brush to draw shapes of clouds in such ways that they show the presence of wind. Here, I use abstract shapes to show the flow of wind. I am experimenting a new way to depict something invisible.
I moved my office yesterday. I think of myself a tidy guy, yet, I found there were so many things, including hundres of paper backs, to move. Things simply accumulate I guess. The haiga, which I hit 1000 a few years ago, is still accumulating. I stopped counting, I think there are around 1300 now. Unlike the paper books, haiga is all in digital data, they can fit in a small USB flash stick.

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