November 4, 2011

Haiga 687 A.C. Missias #haiku

Haiku by A.C. Missias (USA). Artwork by myself.
Greece's case might become the heavy stone in the world financial situation. Watching it closely.

Foggy morning here. Grey sumi painting world.
Tradition of sumi painting originally came from China via Korea. I used to admire Chinese landscape painting with all the rugged towering mountains. I thought those mountains were from imagination because there had been no such mountain in Japan. But, later, when I saw some documentary film of China, I saw those mountains. They really exist. The paintings were actually a realistic ones. It was some finding to me then. Any artform seems to start with the direct observation.
I am off to Tokyo again starting tomorrow. Won't be able to update this blog for a while, but stay turned.

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