November 10, 2011

Long car trip

My wife and I made a long car trip, distance of about 500 miles. The map shows the route.
The reason for the drive was to bring a small car from my wife's mom's home to my home. I purchased the car five years ago so that when my wife visited mom, she could take care of her old mom, now 86. Just recently, however, mom has decided to sell her house and move to an old folks home nearby. The car is five years old, but hardly used so we decided to bring it back.

We considered using professional mover but the cost is expensive. With less expense, we could pay travel expenses, gas and highway tolls, and staying a night at a nice hotel in Hakone, a resort near Mt. Fuji. Thus we set out on the road. The car was fine and we were fine. Turned out to be a good autumn trip.


How to GPS said...

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kuni_san said...

Thanks. Our cars have GPS already, working nicely.