November 30, 2011

Matsumoto san again

I made this picture story board in January in memory of my friend,Matsumoto san. He was a Tenrikyo minister and also a talented singer and song writer. The mountain man in the picture story board is him. He and I organized a series of concert over the past several years, and in the beginning of this year he passed away suddenly. The tiny momiji tree is still growing though, more leaves are on it now and turning color.

Matsumoto san's son has succeeded the concert, which was held the other day. I had written a poem in memory of Matsumoto san and had sent it to the son with a letter after the passing. He later added tune to the poem and sang at the concert.
The Yoki Hall, where the concert was held, was packed with people. It turned out to be a very moving and successful concert.

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