December 20, 2011

Haiga 716 Snowman haiku 2

Haiku by Vladmir Devide (Croatia). Artwork by myself.
I just noticed that there is only snowMAN, no snowWOMAN in the western world. Here in Japan though, we have snow-woman, who is not as jolly as the snowman. She is more like a ghost, supposedly very beautiful, but vicious and does some harm to people. Superstition has it that people who get lost in the winter mountains are said to be caused by snow-woman's doing.
No wonder that snowman is always alone and there is no married couple of snowman and snow-woman.
A man in the north passed away. A new man is plump, and looks like a snowman. Will he melt as a new season comes? Time will tell.
I wrote that I was looking for good snowman haiku, and already I received a batch, from which I made a haiga. I will post it on this blog soon.

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Gwil W said...

Kuni San, inspired by your snowman series I have dedicated my first post of today to you ;)