December 28, 2011

Haiga 723 Snowman haiku 9

Haiku by Paul David Mena (USA). Artwork by myself.
This haiga has already circulated on the web a few days back, like on Facebook. When I received this haiku from Paul san, a guy's face flashed in my mind, Daisuke Matsusaka, a great pitcher of Red Sox. Though his accomplishments have been wonderful, for the season of 2011, he was in the disabled list due to Tommy John Surgery. He is probably like the snowman in this haiga now. Hope he will be back in good shape for the next season.
Going to Osaka this afternoon to have a meeting with my friends about the coming haiga exhibition there. The flyer is already done. All the works to be exhibited have been printed out already. We are going to check the video today.


extraspecialbitter said...

Daisuke Matsusaka is a very talented pitcher who has shown flashes of brilliance over the past 5 seasons, but Boston is an unforgiving sports city. I hope for his sake that he recovers 100% from his surgery and shows everyone the prize that he is. Thank you for capturing the pride and the sadness that is part of being a Red Sox fan.

kuni_san said...

Thanks for comments, Mena san. I did not see any Matsusaka news on news media here in Japan this year. It is tough to stay in the major league all seasons like Ichiro of Marinas.