December 29, 2011

Haiga 724 Snowman haiku 10

Haiku by Kent Dorsey (USA). Artwork by myself.
Kent san learned about this snowman haiga series through Mena san, and sent me this environment-conscious haiku.


Kent said...

This was a wonderful Xmas eve gift. My inspiration was not the environment, however. I was struck after reading your series that when we are young, snowmen seem to last forever. They occupy our thoughts, our waking and sleeping moments. As we grow old, snowmen become less noticed, and the pace of time seems to quicken, as we filter out much of what we noticed as young children. Thus, the snowman appears to melt faster. Thanks again for the haiga, a bright point in my Xmas eve.

kuni_san said...

Thanks for a long comment. Good haiku has many layers of meaning. I see your inspiration. I feel the same, too.

Peter Newton said...

Enjoying this fun series. No snow here as of yet. But thanks for inspiring me to write another snowman haiku:

a monument to all
men of snow

kuni_san said...

Thanks, Peter san. I made a haiga from you haiku. Will post it soon on this blog.