February 1, 2012

Haiga 757 -Toy Haiku 10

Haiku by Michael Dylan Welch (USA). Artwork by myself.
Thanks to you blog visitors, January page view count went up to the highest ever, 5956. For a small niche world of haiga, this is an encouraging figure, I think. Hope this little endeavor of mine will contribute to promote the art of haiga.
One of my younger brothers is visiting us with his wife. They live in Madrid for many years. My wife and I invited them to a dinner last night at a newly opened restaurant in my town. An old farm house has been converted to a restaurant, outside is Japanese and inside is western. Nice place and food was good, too.
Old things are good as they are, but if added new elements with style, they would become even better, and so is the art of haiga.


Anonymous said...

I love the stillness in that dimmed light. You are never disappointing, Kuni sensei ;-)

Best regards

kuni_san said...

Thanks, Heike san.