February 2, 2012

Haiga 758 -Toy Haiku 11

Haiku by Bohu Matsumoto (Japan). Artwork by myself.
Matsumoto san is no longer alive, but when he was active, he used to send me a batch of haiku time to time so I can make some haiga. This haiku is so simple and childish, but for a man of 80 something, this observation is pretty good, I think.

Matsumoto san ran a kimono shop in the heart of Tokyo. Every time our collaboration was carried out, he sent me gift, like a box of fine chocolate or a can of English tea. I wrote about him in a haibun bebore titled "Passing". It is too long to be included here. The gist of it is that in all, he was a sweet old man.

For this haiga, I first made all the images on the Adobe Illustrator and then applied with Photoshop digital manipulation of tiling at the background green area.


Shawn said...

Very nice, I can picture it now, with children laughing included.

kuni_san said...

Thank you, Shawn.