February 3, 2012

Haiga 759 -Toy Haiku 12

Haiku by Petar Tchouhov (Bulgaria). Artwork by myself.
Yesterday I went to see my family doctor to find if I had flu. The result was negative, I have just a simple cold. I am feeling better now already. There will be busy days ahead. I must be careful.
The Syracuse Poster Project asked me the use of one of my haiga for their Valentine's Day haiku event. They plan on writing love haiku, using Masajo Suzuki's haiku as reference. The haiga they requested is about Masajo's haiku. They are going to use it to promote the event and give printouts to the participants. The person who contacted me was this nice looking intern at the Poster Project so why say no. Love is intuitive, not analytical. Right away, I sent to her a high resolusion version of the haiga.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I am terrified for these poor dolls! You did a fabulous job at creating the perfect mood and atmosphere. The illustration and the haiku together are very powerful.