February 15, 2012

Haiga 767 -Water Haiku 4

Haiku and artwork by myself.
I wrote this haiku many years ago, at about when I started writing haiku and submitted them to Heron's Nest, which was for me a good place for learning and getting to know other haijins.
As for the haiga, my thought was at first to draw one branch of pine. I then did some subtracting in my mind and decided to focus on just one pine leaf. If I made the image like photograph with real background and all, it would be to literal, like illustrating the scene. So I gave an abstract quality to the haiga and created minimal art like image.


humbird said...

Good day, kuni-san!
It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been awarded the 'Liebster Blog Award'. I am a recent recipient and have agreed to award 5 others in turn. For details, please visit my blog
thanks for your art! Irene

kuni_san said...

Oh, thanks for choosing my blog, Irene san.

Alan Summers said...

This is a fantastic haiku by you, backed up by fine artwork.

I feel good everytime I read your poem.

Alan, With Words