February 16, 2012

Haiga 768 -Water Haiku 5

Haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi (Japan). Artwork(photo collage) by myself.
This is one the early haiga I made, when I was playing with Photoshop software. At the time, I was so much taken by what the software could do. Untile then, without the digital tool, it was almost impossible to create the image like this.

Now, thanks to the digital tools, creating fantastic images is not so difficult. Once you acquaint yourself with the tool, which is equally avaiable to the users, the rest is up to your own imagination. In other words, one's imagination (or content) has become more important in digital artworks, and that is what makes the difference.

Ban'ya's haiku is such that, once your appreciate it, you can go ahead with your own imagination, not worrying about the verse. You can create an image that has ample distance from the content of the haiku. For that reason, it is fun to work with his haiku.

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